Alice P., 34, 

I met Anna on my trip to Bali. Her immediately noticable open energy, which is warm, gentle, honest and pure with a pleasant dash of power from vulnerability has been amazing. No surprise she was into reiki and offered me a Reiki session very soon from there. Anna is trust giving, very gentle and caring in her session, which made me feel immediately in a good and safe place. 

Surprisingly enough it was not so much during the session I noticed the difference, but more the first hours after the session and definitly the week following! My whole body responded to a change, in ways I didnt even know was possible. I know a more healthy course for me was set right there. Until today I notice the difference and am very grateful to bumped into Anna and be treated by her capable hands. If you dont try, you ll never know!

Maike, 27, Frankfurt

Ob nah, ob fern, ein Reiki von Anna zu erhalten ist für mich immer unglaublich intensiv.

Ich spüre jede Kleinigkeit und schaffe es auch nur bei ihr mich der Entspannung völlig hinzugeben.

Die Ergebnisse sind unglaublich.

Jasmin, 24, Berlin

The Reiki-treatment by Anna was a pleasant and stress-relieving experience. Anna’s warm and welcoming personality makes you feel at ease and relaxed, which is an important basis for the treatment to be successful.

Anna is an empathic person who takes the time to listen to your thoughts and concerns before the treatment, in order to best respond to your individual needs. Her patient and positive character and the calmness of the space she has created for the session create the ideal atmosphere for the treatment.

Anna carefully examines your body’s responses to her touch and lets your body guide the pace of the session. Although I felt a little tight and timid before the treatment, after it I was surprisingly calm and full of new energy.

Should you have any doubts or concerns about Reiki I would warmly recommend meeting with Anna, who will most certainly free you of any doubts and help you regain your strength.

Lara, 33, Berlin

Ich habe zuvor noch nie eine Reiki Behandlung bekommen und wusste nicht was auf mich zukommt.
Die Session mit Anna war eine super interessante Erfahrung, ich hab einiges auch über mich gelernt und nun Interesse bekommen, mehr über Reiki zu erfahren.
Anna hat mich sehr einfühlsam auf die Behandlung vorbereitet, alle wichtigen Informationen im Vorfeld erläutert und mich auf eine spannende einstündige Reise mitgenommen. Im Anschluss haben wir noch eine Weile über meine Eindrücke zu der Behandlung gesprochen und ich habe einige Tipps von Anna bekommen. Ich kann nur empfehlen, dass jeder diese Erfahrung für sich mal macht.

Tracey, 39, Berlin

To date I’ve done two sessions with Anna which have truly been transforming. 

My reason for seeing her the first time was because I felt quite stuck and seemed to be having lots of trouble moving forward.  She tapped into areas of gut where I was harbouring a lot stress and was able to release that.  Interestingly, there’s quite a few studies that link the gut health and stress.  I have not felt this good in such a long time and feel like I’m finally moving forward and seeing progress. The second session focused on limiting beliefs I had while on my entrepreneurial journey.    

I can truly say I feel much lighter, much more in control and have this renewed confidence and things are progressing better than before.   I highly recommend Anna and if you’re unsure about the reiki, I suggest trying it because I think you’ll definitely notice a difference from it.  I look forward to having more sessions with her.